Individual Counseling

The relationship with the counselor is unique.  It is a confidential place to speak the unspeakable, develop understanding, clarify emotions, rediscover meaning, and face life with renewed confidence. 

Without a place to do our own inner work, we can find ourselves stuck.  Our relationships can become strained, our work can suffer, and our ability to enjoy life can fade.  This is where individual counseling can help.

Relationship Distress

Since each relationship is a system, one person can have an impact on how it works.  Developing a clearer understanding of each partner’s needs and fears can go a long way toward healing a struggling relationship.

Anxiety and Fear

Much of our anxiety response is located in the limbic system, which does not always respond when we “try harder” to get over it.  Our current understanding of emotions and neurobiology gives us new avenues for dealing with anxiety and fear.


There can be many factors that influence depression, and one important factor is typically our relationships.  Individual counseling can offer a new therapeutic relationship of support, while also providing tools and understanding to help improve other relationships in the client’s life.

Life Transitions

When we come to a big life transition, our minds typically go through an adjustment process.  Graduation, retirement, divorce, relocation—whether positive or negative, big changes bring about a shift.  A competent guide can be valuable asset for times like this.

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