Created for Connection

A “Hold Me Tight” Weekend Seminar

Do you love your partner, but have moments where you get stuck?

Is your home sometimes a place of tension and you are unsure how to resolve it?

Are there moments of frustration where, instead of listening to one another, you fall into predictable, negative responses (shutting down, storming off, verbally attacking, or blaming)?

Are you unable to get beyond an old injury that comes up every time you have an argument?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re on eggshells around your partner? That you have to avoid important topics because they set off a reaction?

Has the time come to take another step closer?

Then join us for the Created for Connection weekend seminar.  Created for Connection takes the highly successful therapeutic approach of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and integrates the Christian worldview of a loving God who is available and present in relationship with us.

Learn how to get beyond unhealthy patterns of distance and arguments. Understand how your brain can make communication impossible during heightened emotion. Discover how to stay emotionally connected and have productive conversations even when talking about “hot topics.”

The seminar involves a mixture of presentations from our team, video clips, and exercises for couples to work through. You will not only learn how to break unhealthy patterns, you will get to experience how it works.

To be informed of the next Created for Connection Weekend, please send us an email at