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Mr. Johnston is available to present any of the following classes or workshops to your social group, church, or organization.  Please contact him directly for prices and availability.

Ties that Bind – For Pastors, Chaplains, and Professionals Who Work with Couples:

3 Insights from Neuroscience and Relationship Psychology to make your ministry with couples more efficient, simple and effective.

In my graduate studies to become a relationship counselor, I encountered the new field of “interpersonal neurobiology” and the groundbreaking research of Dr. Susan Johnson.  This approach to understanding relationships has changed the way I work with couples, and has allowed my own marriage of 16 years to grow in the right direction.  As a former pastor, I have often found myself “wishing that I’d known then what I know now” about attachment theory and neurobiology in my work with couples.  This workshop is meant to provide you with a few simple, important insights, assessment tools, and roadmaps to further assist your work with couples.

Topics covered:

  • Recognizing and assessing hidden conflict
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Understanding the brain’s role in marital conflict
  • The most effective interventions
  • Keeping your own relationship vital and alive


The Couple’s Path of Wisdom: How Successful Couples Learn to Disagree in Love and Deepen their Trust Over Time

This workshop for couples or individuals provides insights and current research to help people better understand the process of deepening emotional bonds.  Learn the two most dangerous threats to long-term relationship satisfaction, and how to navigate through them successfully.  Understand the role of your “emotional brain” (limbic system) in determining the sense of security and trust in your partner.  Explore your own attachment style, and find out how it can create patterns that leave both people feeling unheard and alone.

This class is for anyone hoping to develop greater emotional resilience and deeper emotional connection, either in an existing or future relationship.

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