About the Greenville Relationship Institute

“Couples therapy is in the midst of a revolution. The key element in this revolution is the development of a new science of love and love relationships.”  – Susan Johnson, PhD, developer of Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

There has been a fundamental change in our understanding of how intimate love relationships work, and why they don’t.  We now better understand the dynamics of deep trust, connection, and safety within our most intimate relationships, and the role of emotions in creating (or eroding) that bond of safety.  We can observe how big injuries, such as infidelity and betrayal, can impact certain areas in our brains, and create wounds that sabotage the quality of a relationship for years.  Even our day-to-day interactions have the power to develop more trust and intimacy, or push us further apart.

More importantly, psychology is developing new methods for working with relationships that have been proven to be far more effective than previous approaches to couples therapy.  We have new guidelines for healing the lingering injury of betrayal, for rediscovering the spark of excitement and intimacy, and for developing new levels of trust between partners.

This is the inspiration for the Greenville Relationship Institute: to become a place where these new approaches and information can benefit the people of the Upstate, and provide them with the understanding and the tools they need to have happy, secure relationships with the ones they love.

The Institute was launched in Spring of 2016, and is currently offering marriage and couples counseling, using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT).  This approach applies equally to relationships in crisis from betrayal or neglect, or those encountering highly stressful circumstances, or those where couples want to deepen their bond and find greater joy in one another.

Couples and Individual counseling sessions are held at the office of Andrew Johnston, 710 Pettigru St in the Historic Pettigru District of downtown Greenville.  Classes are held at different locations around the Greenville area.

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710 Pettigru St
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