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Our Services

Couples Counseling

We offer confidential, professional counseling based on the research-validated approach called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy


Classes, books, and video resources offer the opportunity to learn more about the significant advances in how we understand relationship dynamics

Individual Counseling

One-on-one sessions can address anxiety, shame, and other factors that influence our ability to function and to enjoy our relationships


Speakers, continuing education for professionals, and couples retreat

New Resource Available

Would you like to know what ultimately benefits a relationship over the long run, and what you can do right now to move further in that direction?

Receive your copy of our new report: The Roadmap: A Guide to a Deeper Connection. This resource takes our advances and best practices from neuroscience, attachment theory, and Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy and condenses it into a three “guideposts” that you can follow.

This resource is available to you for free as a service of the Greenville Relationship Institute. Click the button below to receive your copy.

“We tried counseling before, and this first session was already a thousand times better.”

“Since we started coming, I actually have hope that we can get back to the kind of loving relationship we used to have.  It’s been a really long time since I felt any hope.”

“I can’t believe we were actually talking about the ‘D’ word just a few months ago.  Now our friends are asking how we get along so well!”

Relationships Matter

The quality of our relationships can impact our mental, emotional, and even our physical well-being.  A strong emotional bond allows us to feel supported and appreciated, and sets us free from the natural anxiety of relationship distress. When we feel unheard, unimportant, or attacked, we can develop a sense of isolation even in our own home.  That emotional distance can create a downward spiral, where couples grow further and further apart.  And yet, emotional bonds can heal and become stronger than before.

Photo by Alicia Rose / CC BY

 New Possibilities

The field of psychology has recently developed new approaches to healing relationships based on advances in neuroscience and attachment theory.  Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) is a research-validated approach that is changing how we understand and how we work with relationships.  Its focus is to develop strong bonds in new relationships, help rediscover connection where couples have grown distant, help heal from long-lasting injuries and betrayal, and give couples the opportunity to reconnect at a deep, emotional level.